Pole Fitness – Healthy Eating

Move in Picture – This is me lowering out of Ayesha. This is because I hate handsprings lol, and would prefer to dead-lift into things. This is me building up to iron-x and dead-lifting into Ayesha.


Sometime around Christmas I fell really ill from a stomach bug which attacked violently for at least twelve hours (if you’re lucky) then left you totally exhausted, with aching muscles that were sore enough to keep you awake so, sleeping was not an option unless you had an electric blanket to soothe sore muscles while you slept.

I then fell victim to a flu on new years which knocked me in bed for four days. My whole body ached, my face was burning up so much my eyes stung, and yet my body was cold I was shivering. The only way I could sleep was a cold damp cloth over my eyes while bundled up from the neck down. I was soaking wet from sweat by the time I woke up, I felt like a puddle.

Then literally two months later I fell ill again… I was feeling tired just from pole fitness class warm-ups, and I looked like someone had just dug me up. I knew for a long time that my diet was probably what was wrong with my system. I was exercising a lot which is the only reason I’m not fat. However, I was just eating crap, like chocolate, takeout food, and nothing good for me. The only thing healthy for me that I consumed was water.

Since I was falling ill a lot, it made me re-think the idea of eating healthy. I was think oh yeah I’ll start it, I’ll be dead good. But I’ve always been weak to crappy foods. So, now that I will be competing this year in June, I am hoping this will help me remain focused.

It is important that with exercise a healthy diet plan is partnered with it. I’ll go further into it on the next post.

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