Aerial Silks – Flexibility

Move in the picture – I’m going to say it’s some form of foot-locked gazelle. I don’t actually know the name of this move. I was practicing this move for a photoshoot. It isn’t a hard move. Once the foot-lock is on, just wrap the free silk around the waist twice, hold on to the free silk at your side, then lean back. Hook the free foot over the silks, and then wrap the free silk around the arm for dramatic effect. A nice simple move, but really pretty for a photo.


Flexibility in aerial silks would be very beneficial for lines and joint mobility for some moves. Just like in pole, and aerial hoop it would definitely look better if I was already very flexible. However, I’m not, and it has taken me a while to get to where I am currently, so to make any real progress it will take me another long time as well.

For silks though, some flexibility can be helped along in some moves. As an example if both feet are foot-looked, one in each silk. Twist the body so you’re facing one of the silks and start to push your feet out, one front, one back. Always remember to breathe, and the silks will help you sink into the front or box splits. The box is a little harder because of the angle.

To help with my flexibility, I have been using a couple of different things to help my body open up.

Bendy Kate’s advanced stretching techniques – is handy to have.

My instructor runs stretch and flex sessions twice a week.

KinoYoga – youtube.

TrackYoga – an app on my phone.

If interested please follow the link below –