Pole Fitness – Flexibility

Move in the Picture – Russian Layback – Beautiful move, and the only real difficult, and maybe just a little frightening part of this moving is getting in it. Once in it though, quite comfortable and easy to stay in. I have one recommendation, arch your back to lift your butt and push it into the pole.


Flexibility has never been one of my strong suits. Strength I am all over it, flexibility however is another story. It is a long, slow process that just has everyone crying uncontrollably while counting down the seconds really fast in their heads because they want it over with quicker.

Sadly, everyone wants to have a nice comfortable split, or back arch, or all combined. Personally, all combined would be ideal, better lines, some moves on the pole would be easier if I didn’t have to push my body passed its shapely limit. So, stretching is an everyday thing, and your body will have a set time of when it will open up, and at what limit before the flexibility will just happen. It can’t be rushed, to rush will damage, and set back any progress made.

Luckily at the beginning, lack of flexibility can be ignored, it is when the moves become more technical, and advanced that flexibility becomes, not a must but desirable. Like for the image above, my back has opened a lot since starting pole, but I would prefer if I could push it a little more to look like I’m actually sitting on the pole.

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