Sample Idea.

Something I have been thinking about over the weekend. There was more of it, but I kept stopping and starting not feeling the flow. So this is a sample of the starts of something. Not sure yet what it will be, but maybe I’ll figure that out later…


Selena, Selena Farroway was her name. It was carved into everything she owned. Now she sat infront of her dressing table, the last remaining maid brushing her dark red hair, staring into the mirror at the pendant that dangled from her neck. Somehow, the name had become a vise squeezing until her every waking moment felt choked from her. The necklace was the physical reminder. Sometimes she swore to herself that she heard it jingle just to force her to step back into her place. She was a Farroway, and as such, she had a duty to fulfill. Thanks to the force of her mother’s efforts, she would do so perfectly.
The corset around her waist shortened her breath, and pushed her breast up to make her cleavage look more appealing. She often wondered if the fashion of a bask was to show her an example of how her life was to be. The maid snagged at one of the ends of her hair, making her wince. She snapped back to reality, noticing her mother walking in to admire her well paid work. Selena looked to the maid in her mirror, and their eyes met. The two of them had an odd understanding, because of the vipor like behaviour of her mother. That snag in the hair was the maid telling her she was coming without words. To Selena’s dismay, they shared the same delicate womanly beauty, fair skin, and petite frame. The only difference that she took great pride in was her deep ocean blue eyes, they stood out against her hair.
“Oh fantastic, you look beautiful, he will be most pleased” Her forced softness made her so unnatural that Selena struggled to see why she had even decided to become a mother in the first place. Then again, she only birthed her then sucked the life out of her.
“Who is he?” the question was defiant. She felt the maid twitch mid-stroke of the brush. Her mother accepted no question, just obedience. So, for the question to have even breached the thoughts of Selena’s mind was a risk. Her mother’s eyes sharpened on her, like dagger points at the back of her neck.
“Silence, did I ask you a question.” That wasn’t something to answer, to even breath at that moment would have been a death wish. “No, good, now hurry up I want her downstairs ready for his arrival”. She clicked her fingers at the maid, and hurried out. Her long, ruffled, rouge dress rustled from the room. The tension slipped away, leaving the two of them to both sigh with relief like they had both been holding their breaths.