Inspire Me

Another little play with poetry… I’m not great with poetry but we are going to see how this goes. Plus I’m currently suffering through writers block right now for other sections of writing so forgive me for it possibly being … awful.


Let the music fill your body

and watch as you move with it

like a flowing river

smooth, strong, and controlled.

Every line of her movement

embodies beauty

empowers interest

enforces desire

The wish to be like that, to do that, to be more than what we are.

You as a friend who encourages,

an instructor who teaches,

and our coach that pushes us.

Watch the sequence again, and again. Take my breath away.

I will train harder, I will concentrate more, I will practice and condition.

I will be better than what I am now,

My confidence sometimes splutters, but you put me back.

You put me in a braver state of mind, and I just want to say…

Thank you, for inspiring me.