Pole Fitness 1 – Strength Building.

Move in the picture – Brass Monkey (No hands).

On Monday I managed a Brass Monkey (picture below)  from a cross ankle lay-back. Quite awkward if your back flexibility isn’t quite ready for the reach around, and a little scary as you have to re-catch the pole at the back of the knee and hook. I have to say, it is easier from a shoulder mount.


I have been training in Pole Fitness for just over a year now, and I have progressed very, very quickly. This may be down to my strength. I used to competitively swim when I was younger, through primary school, high school, until the middle of college. So, my body built a base strength level.

So, I have managed to power through moves faster than average. I sadly have never had dancing experience so I lack grace, and my flexibility may as well be non-existent. Whereas I have seen girls who have danced all their lives, have the most amazing flexibility I have ever seen in my life, and yet not reach the moves that I have. Everyone is different.

Usually, whenever someone talks to me about pole, and they have never done it before the first thing I can always predict they will say is – “Oh I couldn’t do that, I’ve got absolutely no upper body strength” – So? There are beginner classes, pole as a fitness class will help build strength that is what it is there for. Fitness classes are there to help build strength, don’t feel put off because of lack of strength that is (not easily) gained over time. Some people take longer than others, and some people it comes naturally. But you should never feel like not doing it because you feel as though you don’t already have the strength to do it. The beginner classes, which Inversion Pole Fitness offers, help build the foundations towards that strength to enable you to do these moves.

Lesson One : – Strength is something that can be gained from these sessions. Not an excuse to not try it.

If interested this link below will take you through to instructor website.