Dear Reader,

Welcome to my Blog. A space in which my random, often chaotic, life is splurged online. I can’t say I am coherent with much of my thoughts. I can’t even guarantee that I am going to keep up with any form of regular posting timetable. Actually, I can almost reassure you that I will be the worst when it comes to organising any form of theme or posting schedule. I can also say with confidence that every now and again you will come across a mistyped or misspelled error, and grammatical hiccup. I would like to tell you that it isn’t because I am stupid I just have a learning disability of some such. To my dismay that isn’t true at all. I just have stupid moments… Actually, I have many stupid moments. Which if you don’t mind those then please feel free to have a little wonder through some of my messy blogging.

Here is my excuse.

I often like to think that my life is split into three categories of things that I love. Writing/Reading. My beautiful dogs. And my fitness, that can be Pole Fitness, Aerial Silks (which are my favourites), or just general fitness.

Then I come to the resolution that these things are not split they are all a part of me. They are all a part of what rules and motivates my existence. So, I shove it all into one big blog in the hopes that all of you can understand what is happening. When really, everywhere you read will tell you to stick to a theme. People like themes, people like order. Ha… well… that might be difficult to find here.

Writing / Reading.

I used to post mini story snippets or short stories or poetry on here. I sort of stopped because it was taking up a lot of my time and I think I was losing the plot with most of the stories because I hadn’t taken the extra time to plan them. That being said I haven’t stopped writing, only kept it to myself in the hopes to use it for bigger and better things. I may still post the odd random short story if the fancy takes me. I hope you don’t mind and can prepare for that.

I love reading. There may be times when I haven’t read anything for a while. That isn’t because I have fallen out of love with it. But because usually something has taken the wind out of my sails and my motivation for anything I love has quite literally plopped out of my arse. In fact, I can be more precise than that. I usually find trouble motivating myself to do anything else but sleep when I get home from a totally rubbish customer service role. Yes, you are welcome to judge me on that, but quite frankly, you’d be a liar if you tried to convince me that minimum wage dead end customer service jobs like the multiple that I have had, are not rubbish and soul crushing at times. If not, nearly all of the time.

My Dogs.

Oh, where to begin with my beautiful canines. I have two complete opposites. Both Siberian Huskies. Both the loves of my life. Both utter pains in the arse. But they are mine and I love them. They are the same age, yet one is a proper old man, and the other you wouldn’t think she had aged a day since she turned two. That was seven years ago. He is a mild mannered gentleman who will steal food but he will be courteous enough to take it gently as to not take your fingers along with his thievery. She on the other hand is a beast of a glutton. And she would steal food. Not when you are there though, only when you’re not looking so she can try to look all innocent when you return and realise what has happened. If you are thinking of getting a Siberian Husky… I don’t know the best advise to give you, but I can try with my own experiences.


This is what really catapulted my life into an unknown chaos if I’m honest. Because not only am I trying to get myself back into fitness shape and training to be better at Pole and Silks. I also run a business in it. Teaching classes so that other people can do these things. However, people have proven to be quite flaky, and unpredictable. They can tell me (And they have) ‘Yes, definitely coming’. I gather the extremely heavy equipment, get it into my car, drive to the location, set up the heavy equipment, and wait. For no one to show up. What makes it worse. They don’t pay for it. That is not only the rudest thing ever, but my time is wasted, and money is wasted. Spent in fuel, spent in my energy, with no form of income to reward the effort. Which has meant that learning to be business savvy has in fact meant learning to become strict with payments and bookings.


As a result of all of these things, my blog may look like a seriously, incoherent pile of shite. (Pardon the language, you will also discover that I swear like a sailor… But I have a thought about that which I may go into more detail in the future). But this is my pile of incoherent pile of shite. I claim this space as mine, if you like it great, hopefully there will be more coming soon. If you don’t then please just move on, there is nothing for you here.

I am thinking of putting another heading in there as well. Just a place to put my thoughts on certain things. As a good example on my point of view on swearing. Not because my opinion is important. It isn’t. I am not narcissistic in that way. Or conceited. But sometimes I have opinions on something and I feel like I would like to share this opinion. If you happen to disagree with my opinion I am up for having a discussion. That is healthy. What I am not up for is an insult throwing match in which abuse ensues. Comments have to be approved by me so… they just won’t get through as simple as that. If you agree with me, all the same, comment, we can have a healthy discussion. I’m open minded enough to change the way I perceived something. Isn’t that how we should be?

Thank you so much for reading! If you continue on thank you for taking an interest. Bye!