Dear Reader,

Welcome to my Blog. I go by a Social Media name that I made up. Aerial Writer. My blog is my space to put any old random thing that I feel like writing about. Lately mostly about the horrors of my current job but sometimes I write about more exciting things. I write poetry (weirdly but yes). I write stories (which I prefer). I’d like to write about my dogs a little more but to be honest I never know how to write about them without sounding like a really awful dog parent, they drive me crazy, they confuse me, but I love them and would never wish them anywhere else but with me. I sometimes write about my fitness which I will warn you now! It is mostly me explaining how exhausted the exercises make me! Ha!

I have been trying to tidy my blog up… It is going to take me a long time because there are a lot of posts to filter through. So far, trying to organise the posts into catagories and then subcatagories which I believe I have hundreds of posts to work through so it may take me a while.

Something you should know. When talking about non-fiction I dislike to use peoples’ names because of privacy and I believe that that should be protected. I use photos of myself from my aerial and pole fitness photoshoots. This is mostly because I am neither a photographer and I am not an artist. I have tried to branch away from the use of my photos but I have been repeatedly using the same ones… I will try to be better about it and take photos… daily? We will see again another thing under maintenance.

I have offered the possibility of donations for my writing. However this has not appeared to work in my favour which is fine. But I believe the time, the effort, and the work itself is worth something. So, I am going to start thinking about premium content for anyone interested. As I believe if you enjoy an artists work whether that be; writer, painter, singer, actor, anything that could be deemed an art or a skill should be paid for. Help them continue. Encourage their creativity.

At the moment, my posts are a little sporadic. I’d like to be more regular with my posts although work is not exactly regular either which makes that idea awkward. Another idea that I have been itching with is putting all of my energy into one social media platform instead of many. So, before lockdown I was instagram, facebook, and I am pretty sure there were others but it just got too much and started taking over my life. So, it is all going to go HERE.

Updates – and Maintenance will be happening around my blog. Hopefully without your notice but if you do I am very sorry about that. As you can probably tell I am still learning the mass wonders of WordPress so patience with me would be really great.

Thank you so much for your time!